Endpoint Protection

Built for any size organization.

Powerful malware protection for the endpoint.

Enter Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection, a complete malware protection and remediation solution with predictive threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and integrated end-to-end protection. Driven from the cloud through a single pane of glass, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection provides flexible management and speed for organizations of all sizes
Ransomware Rollback technology allows you to wind back the clock to negate the impact of ransomware by leveraging just-in-time backups. Malwarebytes logs and associates changes with specific processes. Every change made by a process is recorded. If a process does ‘bad’ things you can easily roll back those changes to restore files that were encrypted, deleted, or modified. Data storage is minimized using proprietary dynamic exclusion technology that learns what ‘good’ applications do.
Explore the advantages

Precision detection at the point of attack

Agent architected for performance

Many endpoint security platforms stuff endpoints with an ever-increasing store of malware signatures and slow performance with brute-force scanning algorithms. Malwarebytes uses a single, low footprint agent that quickly pinpoints and blocks malicious code from running without impacting device performance.

Zero-day prevention

Malwarebytes applies signatureless payload analysis and anomaly detection to proactively identify and block malware attempting to exploit hidden vulnerabilities in your organization’s operating systems and applications.

Comprehensive web protection​

Malwarebytes web protection technology proactively prevents users from accessing malicious sites, malvertising, scammer networks, and suspect URLs, as well as downloading potentially unwanted programs and potentially unwanted modifications.


Complete endpoint security solution driven by a single pane of glass

A full suite of endpoint security functionality and automation capabilities driven from the Malwarebytes Nebula cloud platform and accessed from an intuitive UI make fighting malware a matter of clicks, not scripts.

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